Zhuangzi glossary


old papers

These are things I wrote over the years but mostly never published. This seems like as good a place for them as any. The textual history of the Zhuangzi is an appendix to my dissertation describing where we get the book from. The Connecting paper isn’t technically about Zhuangzi but it says something about how I understand my job. Daoists, Quakers, and Torture and Cultural Diversity in Zhuangzi are two conference papers. The end of skepticism, Zhuangzi’s commentators, and Apostasy all say pretty much the same thing in different ways. No one seemed to get my point, so I tried putting in differently. At the time, I thought I proved that Zhuangzi was unable to answer his question, but then I realized the problem was with me: I hadn’t realized what the question was. This is what caused me to stop working on Zhuangzi for several years. The request to contribute a paper on Zhuangzi for a “Seeking for a New Conception of Science” conference in Japan in 2018 was so strange I couldn’t say no and led to Two Lectures in Honor of Hideki Yukawa, which is what got me working on Zhuangzi again. Finally, The Man Who Had Everything is a flipbook I made for the seventh graders.