Zhuangzi glossary


how to leave comments

Please feel free to leave your ideas, questions, or suggestions! To do so, you will need to open an account on the log-in page. It will ask you for your email address, and you should receive a message shortly with a link to confirm your account. If you do not receive the message, please email me at pkjellberg@whittier.edu because sometimes I have to approve it.

In order to leave comments, you need to be on the View Single tab, which you can get to by clicking the little magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen under a passage you find interesting.

The most important thing is your ideas and questions about the text. Hopefully we can have little discussion sections down in the Comments. I would also very much appreciate suggestions for improvement. I will copy them to a private file until I can respond to them and then delete the original to avoid clutter. Not everyone likes leaving comments, particularly negative ones, but just flagging pages you like would be very helpful to me. I can work backwards from there.

The website collects all the comments for me but, oddly, does not include which page the comment is on. So, if you could include the url of the page in your comment, that would be a big help. Thanks!