Zhuangzi glossary



I first read Graham in college, had the privilege of studying with him briefly in graduate school, and have consulted his work regularly throughout this project. The better I understand Zhuangzi, the more right I think Graham is. I don't believe I disagree with him on any substantive points--and when I do, I encourage the reader to take my opinion with a grain of salt!--except that I want to go deeper into the goal of Zhuangzi's writing, which he describes as a mystic vision that results in hitting "in any situation on that single course which fits no rules but is the inevitable one ( . . . as when we speak of the inevitability of an artist's casually drawn line)" (Graham 6-7). 

Works that I cite are listed in the Bibliography. His ideas are presented and developed over numerous books and articles, though if I fail to specify the default reference is to Graham 1981, Chuang Tzu: The Inner Chapters.