Zhuangzi glossary



彷徨 pánghuáng is another rhyming reduplicative used to describe:

1:07 How you wuwei by a useless tree 彷徨乎無為其側 [Commentators say: 彷徨,縱任(relax)之名; 猶翱翔 like hovering]

2:01 what the winds do up above 風起北方,一西一東,有上彷徨, [Commentators say: 迴轉之貌 (the appearance of rotating)]

6:06 what you do beyond the dust 芒然彷徨乎塵垢之外

13:04 Zhuangzi describing himself? 彷徨乎馮閎

18:05 ghost spirit of the wilds 野有彷徨 (Commentators say: 其狀如蛇,兩頭,五采。Body like a snake, five colors)

It is also used twice in the Chu Cihttps://ctext.org/chu-ci?searchu=%E5%BD%B7%E5%BE%A8

Compare 徘徊 in 29.02.