Zhuangzi translation and commentary

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Shentu Jia had had his foot chopped off and along with Zichan of Zheng was a student of Uncle Twilight Nobody. Zichan said to Shentu Jia, "If I leave first, then you stay; or if you leave first, then I'll stay." [1]

The next day, the sat together in the hall on the same mat. Zichan said to Shentu Jia, "If I leave first, then you stay; or if you leave first, then I'll stay. Now I'm going to leave. Can you stay, or not? If you meet an official and don't yield, are you putting yourself on the same level?"

Shentu Jia said, "Within our teacher's doors, are there really officials like this? I've heard him say, 'If the mirror is bright, the dust doesn't stay. If it stays, the mirror isn't bright. Dwell long with worthy people and you will be without mistakes.' Having identified our teacher as a great person, isn't it a mistake for you still to speak this way?"

Zichan said, "A person like you still vying with Emperor Yao for goodness. See if your own powers don't give you reason to reflect on yourself!"

Shentu Jia said, "Those who dispute their mistakes and say they don't deserve to suffer are many. Those who admit their mistakes and say they don't deserve to be spared are few. To know what you can't do anything about and make peace with it--only powerful people can do that. 

If you wander in front of the target in Archer Yi's range and still you get hit, that's fate. Many people with both feet laugh at my one. I get furiously angry. But I come to the master's house and it's gone by the time I go home. He washes me with goodness without my even being aware of it. I've wandered with him for nineteen years and he's never noticed my missing foot. You and I wander inside of the physical form. Isn't it a mistake for you to haul me to outside?"

Startled, Zichan's face blanched and expression changed. "Say no more!" [2]

[1] Zichan requests that they not walk out together so he won't be seen with a criminal. As prime minister of Zheng, Zichan was an advocate of harsh physical penalties but also of administering them judiciously. Either way, he paid close attention to the body. Why is he chosen for this story? Should we think of this as occurring at the beginning or end of his political career? 

[2] This is a very touching story. Who are we supposed to regard as the hero here? Shentu Jia, or Uncle Twilight Nobody, who doesn't even appear but seems to exercise a transforming inflluence on the people around him? Or even Zichan for admitting his mistake and changing at the end? Assuming there is something more in Nobody's silence than in Shentu Jia's words, is the real action backstage? Compare Uncle Twilight Nobody to what Confucius says about Royal Nag: "He looks at the way things are the same and does not see what they’re missing. He looks at losing a foot like scraping off dirt” (5:01).